2022 June Holiday Learn-to-Fence Holiday Camp

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* Our holiday camp will be conducted in line with the current Safe Management Measures in force during the period of the camp.
** This holiday camp is for children with no prior fencing experience.

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Dates:     20th June to 22nd June 2022

Time:      10.30am to 12pm 


per participant


Participants will get:

x T-shirt
x Certificate of Participation
x Medal
x Sign-up Voucher


Interactive and fun games that help to develop their Focus and Coordination whilst getting their body ready for the fencing exercises!


Kids will be taught the fundamentals of Fencing:

- Footwork (Step Foward & Back, Lunge)

- Bladework (Basic Parries & Disengages)

- Basic Distance & Timing 


Kids will learn the Etiquette in Fencing and will be taught the basic rules of a Fencing bout.


They will be given a chance to put their refereeing skills to use.


Kids will suit up in full and spar with each other. There will be a mini-competition in the last day of the camp where all participants will be given a Certificate of Participation.

 Warm Up Games 

 Fencing Fundamentals 

 Etiquette & Rules 

 Sparring & Friendly  Competition 

 Camp Highlights :

T-shirt Size for Participant

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