2021 End of Year Learn-to-Fence Holiday Camp

* Our holiday camp will be conducted in line with the current Safe Management Measures in force during the period of the camp.
** This holiday camp is for children with no prior fencing experience.

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Time: 10.30am to 12pm

4 sessions available:

1) 29 November to 1 December (Monday to Wednesday) (1 slot left)
2) 6 December to 8 December (Monday to Wednesday) (FULL)
3) 13 December to 15 December (Monday to Wednesday)
4) 20 December to 22 December (Monday to Wednesday) (FULL)


Participants will get:

x T-shirt
x Certificate of Participation
x Medal
x Sign-up Voucher



per participant


Interactive and fun games that help to develop their Focus and Coordination whilst getting their body ready for the fencing exercises!


Kids will be taught the fundamentals of Fencing:

- Footwork (Step Foward & Back, Lunge)

- Bladework (Basic Parries & Disengages)

- Basic Distance & Timing 


Kids will learn the Etiquette in Fencing and will be taught the basic rules of a Fencing bout.


They will be given a chance to put their refereeing skills to use.


Kids will suit up in full and spar with each other. There will be a mini-competition in the last day of the camp where all participants will be given a Certificate of Participation.

 Warm Up Games 

 Fencing Fundamentals 

 Etiquette & Rules 

 Sparring & Friendly  Competition 

 Camp Highlights :