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Coach Samson

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Coach Cheryl

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Coach Matthew

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Coach Samson is the founder and Head Coach of SG Academy of Fencing. He decided to start his own club in

2016 as he wanted to create an all-rounded training environment for his students. Many in the fraternity can attest to

Coach Samson's passion and dedication for Fencing, and his perseverance in his pursuit of excellence. He is a role

model and a mentor to the students. Tapping on his vast personal experience as Singapore's Top Men's Épéeist over the years

from competing and training at the international level, Coach Samson understands that mundane physical and technical grinding no longer works, his training plan for his students also covers psychological, tactical analyzation and drills, dynamic physical circuits and more.


Coach Samson is the first Singaporean Men's Épéeist to win all the bouts in pools in the World Fencing Championships (in 2015), earning the right to a direct qualification into the 2nd day of qualification. He is also the first Singaporean Men's Épéeist to clinch the Thailand Open Title (in 2019) and Hong Kong Open Title (in 2016). Coach Samson also had a crucial part to play in the Men's Épée Qualification for the Asian Games in 2014, it was his breakthrough Asian Fencing Championships Top 8 Individual Finish in the same year that helped greenlight their appeal to partake in the Asian Games. He was also part of the team that won a historic Gold in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in 2014.

Coach Samson believes in constantly upgrading himself as a Coach, keeping updated with the current fencing trends and development by personally traveling overseas to watch, observe and discuss with fencers from other countries, following which incorporating them into his training sessions to benefit his students. Coach Samson is also currently the first and only Singaporean to be in the Fencing Confederation of Asia Athletes' Commission.

Head Coach


Recent Achievements

  • SEA Games 2019 - (Team - Silver)

  • Thailand Open Fencing Championships 2019 (Individual - Gold)

  • Singapore Senior Challenge 2019 (Individual - Bronze)

  • Asian Fencing Championships 2018 (Individual - 12th)

  • Singapore Senior Fencing Championships 2017 (Individual - Silver)

  • Men's Épée Representative at the Asia Oceania Olympic Qualifiers 2016

  • Hong Kong Blue Cross Fencing Championships 2016 (Individual - Gold)

  • Singapore Senior Fencing Championships I 2016 (Individual - Gold)

  • Singapore Senior Fencing Championships II 2016 (Individual - Gold)

  • World Fencing Championships 2015 (Individual - 42nd)

  • SEA Games 2015 (Individual - Bronze)

  • SEA Games 2015 (Team - Silver)

  • Asian Fencing Championships 2014 (Individual - 8th)

  • Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014 (Team - Gold)



Coach Cheryl was the Number 1 Women's Épéeist in Singapore for many seasons with countless Cadet, Junior & Senior Medals under

her belt before she decided to focus on coaching. She picked up fencing when she was in Secondary 1 as a CCA and in the span of 1 year, she

achieved a Top 8 finish in the Fencing Singapore International Competition (Senior) and qualified for the National Cadet Team. She was the

youngest representative from Singapore in the 2008 Asian Fencing Championships (Senior) at the age of 15.  Throughout the years Coach Cheryl has maintained her position in the National Cadet, Junior and Senior team as one of the main fencers.

Coach Cheryl was the first Singaporean Women's Épéeist to have qualified into the round of 16 in the Asian Fencing Championships in 2015, and again in the 2017 Asian Fencing Championships. She currently still holds the best performance for Singapore Women's Épée in the Asian Games, with her Individual 6th finish in the 2014 Edition. She was part of the team that achieved 5th in the 2018 Asian Games and the historic Gold Medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Fencing Championships. 


Coach Cheryl has competed in many Major Games like Asian Games, SEA Games, and the Olympic Zone Qualifiers, but despite her successes, she remains rooted and down to earth. She emphasizes on technical foundation, discipline, and positive training attitude in her training sessions. Strongly believing in imparting more than just fencing to her students, she grooms her students with positive values that will benefit them in life outside of sports. Coach Cheryl is detailed and strict in her coaching, coupled with her vivacious personality her students always look forward to her classes. She taps on her experiences to guide her students when they are facing obstacles in their fencing journey, whether it is regarding time management, competition mindset, tactical issues and more.  She uses her opportunities to compete at the international level such as the Asian & World Championships, Grand Prix and World Cups to keep herself updated with the current developments in fencing, which she will bring back to incorporate into her training sessions.

Senior Épée Coach


Recent Achievements

  • SEA Games 2019 (Individual - Bronze)

  • SEA Games 2019 (Team - Silver)

  • Thailand Open Fencing Championships 2019 (Team - Gold)

  • Asian Games 2018 (Team - 5th)

  • Asian Fencing Championships (Team - 6th)

  • Singapore Senior Nationals 2018 (Individual - Bronze)

  • Asian Fencing Championships 2017 (Individual - 12th)

  • Hong Kong LCSD Fencing Championships 2017 (Individual - Bronze)

  • Singapore Senior Fencing Championships 2017 (Individual - Bronze)

  • Hong Kong LCSD Fencing Championships 2016 (Individual - Bronze)

  • Asian Oceania Olympic Qualifiers 2016 (Individual - 6th)

  • Asian Fencing Championships 2015 (Individual - 11th)

  • SEA Games  2015 (Team - Bronze)

  • Asian Games 2014 (Individual - 6th)

  • Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014 (Team - Gold)

  • Hong Kong President Cup 2014 (Individual - Bronze)

  • South East Asian Fencing Federation Championships 2014 (Individual - Silver)

  • Fencing Singapore International 2014 (Individual - Gold)

  • National Individual Championships 2014 (Individual - Gold)



Coach Weixuan picked up fencing in his secondary school as a CCA and progressed from there. He made the National Cadet Team when 

he was 16 years old and went on to represent Singapore in  Asian Junior Championships and World Junior Championships. Ever since making

the National Cadet Team in 2014, Coach Weixuan has consistently been part of the Junior National Team, and now the Senior National Team. 

He has multiple junior and senior medals under his belt, and most recently,  the 2019 SEA Games Silver Medal. Coach Weixuan is genuine, down-to-earth, and hardworking; zealously sharing his experience and knowledge with his students. He has 3 years of past experience coaching students in schools.

Épée Coach



  • SEA Games 2019 (Team - Silver)

  • Singapore Senior Nationals 2018 (Individual - Gold)

  • Singapore Junior Fencing Championships 2018 (Individual - Gold)

  • Fencing Singapore International Senior Championships 2018 (Individual - Silver)

  • Singapore Senior Challenge 2018 (Individual - Silver)

  • Singapore Junior Fencing Championships 2017 (Individual - Gold)

  • Singapore Senior Fencing Championships 2017 (Individual - Silver)

  • Singapore Senior Fencing Championships 2016 (Individual - Silver)

  • South East Asian Cadet Fencing Championships 2014 (Individual - Gold)