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2017 Merlion Generations Team Challenge

On the 10th of December, our Men's Epee fencers had participated in the 2017 Merlion Generations Team Challenge. For this competition, we had fielded two teams. Team A consists of Neville Lim, Alasdair Low, Elton Teo and Damien Tan while Team B consists of Samuel Lee, Jaren Ng, Matthew Cheung and Jacob Lim.

The teamwork and fighting spirit that both teams displayed was commendable! Good job to team A for taking home the gold medal for the event while Team B finished the competition in 6th place after meeting Team A in the quarter-finals.

Special mention goes out to team captains Neville Lim and Samuel Lee for leading the teams in this competition! You are a great example and a fine role model for our fencers!


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