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2017 Singapore Junior Fencing Championships 1

The 2017 Singapore Junior Fencing Championships held from the 26th-27th of May have recently concluded and our fencers have brought back amazing results amidst these three days!

In the Men's Sabre Individual event, we managed to claim three out of the top four spots on the podium! Emerging as the event's champion is Fong Zheng Jie where he displayed excellence throughout his path to the finals, ending well with a score of 15-10 to claim the first junior title of the season! Ron Loh Ken yang and Jorelle See (Representing HCI) both finished the event with a bronze medal! What is amazing is that both of them secure their bronze medal bout by winning their quarter-final match in a convincing manner with a score of 15-5.

Congratulations to our Men's Sabre fencers!

In the Men's Epee Individual event, Neville Lim displayed resilience and determination to climb his way into the finals despite recovering from an ankle injury! He managed to secure his silver medal after a nail-biting final!

Good job Neville! You are an inspiration to all our fencers!

It is another gold medal in the Women's Epee Individual event where Esther Lai maintained her composure and focused throughout the entire day, securing the gold medal after an intense finals! She truly deserves the victory!

In the Men's Sabre Team event, Ron Loh, Fong Zheng Jie and Fellini Er became the event's champions where the won the semi-final bout in a convincing way with a score of 45-18. They proceeded on to win the finals as well with a score 45-38 securing the gold medal!

In the Men's Epee Team event, our Team B consisting of Nie Zeru Patrick, Daryl Ng, Timothy Lim and Zhang Biao, unfortunately, met with our Team A consisting of members Neville Lim, Elton Teo, Brandon Goh and Jaren Ng in the Quarter-finals. Team A proceeded to win their semi-final match with a score of 45-23. Eventually, after a closely fought match in the finals, Team A managed to clinch the silver medal for the event!

The medal spree did not end there! In the Women's Epee Team event, our members consisting of Esther Lai, Wong J-min, Grace Mun and Glenda Lim fought hard to secure themselves a bronze medal! What is more amazing is that this is the first time four of them are actually in the same team together and the level of chemistry they have is amazing!

Great job to all our fencers! You have all fought hard and we cannot be more proud of you all!

Thank you as well to all parents and friends who spent their time supporting our fencers!


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