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Fencing Singapore International 2018

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

To kick off the start of the year, we had the Fencing Singapore International 2018 which is a senior competition that attracts many international fencers to participate in making it a great platform for our fencers to gain exposure. With that, we have good news to share!

In the Men's Epee Individual event, we have Neville Lim who overcomed a higher-seeded opponent in the direct elimination table and continued progressing all the way into the finals! Neville displayed true excellence and resilience, and showed us that it is truly not how you start but how you end. Furthermore, with Neville's win, it is the first gold of the year!

Congratulations Neville!

Congratulations as well to Ron Loh for winning the bronze medal in the Men's Sabre Individual event! A great showing of perseverance and determination, a well deserved medal indeed!

Congratulations Ron!


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