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Fencing Across Generations: Success at The Negeri Sembilan Open Championships 2023

Three of our fencers took part in the The Negeri Sembilan Open Championships 2023, held at the Majestic Hall in Port Dickson from September 2 to 3, 2023, an event which features both Senior and Veteran Categories.

Senior Women’s Épée Individual Event

🥇Gold - Ashley Mae Harrison

In the Senior Women's Épée Individual event, Ashley Mae Harrison outshone the competition, clinching the Gold medal.

🥈Silver - Electra Goh

Electra Goh secured the Silver medal in the same category, displaying incredible finesse and determination.

Senior Men's Épée Individual Event

8th Place - Edgar Rusev

In the Senior Men's Épée Individual event, Edgar Rusev showcased his prowess, earning a commendable 8th place in a highly competitive field.

Veteran Mixed Épée Individual Event

The Veteran Mixed Épée Individual event exemplified the spirit of inclusivity and competitiveness. Male and female veterans from different age groups and backgrounds came together to create memorable moments in this category.

🥉 Bronze - Electra Goh

Electra Goh, once again demonstrated her abilities by securing the Bronze medal in this event. Her performance showcased not only her agility and precision but also the depth of her experience and expertise.

5th Place - Edgar Rusev

Edgar Rusev, earned a notable 5th place in the Veteran Mixed Épée Individual event. His performance underlines his status as a respected fencer in the veteran category.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations and commendations to Ashley Mae Harrison, Electra Goh, and Edgar Rusev for their outstanding performances!


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