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International Touché Minime 2020

Our fencers headed over to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the first weekend of February 2020 and we were represented in the Under 12 Boy's Epee Individual, Under 12 Girl's Epee Individual, Under 15 Boy's Epee Individual & Under 12 Mixed Epee Team Event.

In the Under 12 Boy's Epee Individual Event, it was an SGF Final, with Vittorio Poli & Jonas Lim fencing off for the Gold Medal. After an intense and nail biting bout, it was Vittorio who won the Gold Medal after scoring the priority point. Javian Choong finished well in 6th place, he fenced beautifully from the start of pools, but met Jonas in the quarter-finals where they both put up a great display of fencing.

In the Under 12 Girl's Epee Individual Event, Ashley Mae Harrison displayed strong character and resilience, fencing her way to the finals and clinching the Silver Medal after a close and well fought final bout.

In the Under 15 Boy's Epee Individual Event, Matthew Pang finished in 6th place after putting up a strong display and fighting sprit throughout the competition.

In the Under 12 Mixed Epee Team Event, our fencers collectively put up a strong and dominant performance in all the bouts to claim a well deserved Gold Medal.

Well done everyone!


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