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Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships 2022

The Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships 2022 was held in Dubai, UAE from the 2nd April to 10 April 2022.

We have 4 SGF fencers who qualified to represent their country at the world stage:

Coach Samson and Coach Cheryl was also part of the Singapore Contingent of National Partner Coaches there to guide our fencers.

It was certainly enriching for our fencers! Most of them were debutants at the World Junior and Cadet Championships! Competing among the World’s Best in Dubai.

Representing Singapore in the Junior Women’s Épée Individual, Zi Cheng won 3 bouts in pools and progressed into the Direct Elimination Round. She won her round of 128 (15-10) before finishing 57th overall!

Representing Hong Kong in the Cadet & Junior Men’s Épée Event, Julien won 4 bouts in his pools for Juniors, and progressed into the Direct Elimination round. He earned a bye through the round of 256 into 128, where he won a convincing 15-8. Julien continued his good form in the round of 64, winning 15-13 to earn himself a place in the Top 32, where he finished 26th overall for Juniors!

In the Cadet Event, Julien won 2 bouts in his pools to progress into the round of 128, where he finished 105th overall.

Representing Phillipines in the Junior Women’s Épée Event, Samantha won 2 of her bouts in pools, before finishing 126th overall.

Representing Singapore in the Cadet Men’s Epee event we have 15 year old Matthew, who finished 135th overall.

What an experience for our fencers, let’s put what we’ve learnt from this competition into our preparation for the next season, and strive to come back even stronger!


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