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Little Warriors Dominates at the 2023 Singapore Épée Minime Fencing Challenge

The 2023 Singapore Épée Minime Fencing Challenge showcased the remarkable talent and determination of our little warriors. In a competition that brought together budding fencers from various backgrounds, our athletes proved that age is no barrier to success. Under 12 Boy’s Épée Individual

In a fiercely competitive pool of 23 fencers, three of our boys displayed exceptional skill and tenacity, securing spots in the Top 8. Alexander Kuo's outstanding performance took him all the way to the Finals, earning him the silver medal. Ryan Xu and Zac Wong also demonstrated their fencing prowess, finishing in the 5th and 6th places, respectively.

🥈Silver - Alexander Kuo

5th Place - Ryan Xu

6th Place - Zac Wong

Special recognition goes to Lukas Kwan, who made it into the Top 16, claiming 13th place. We must also acknowledge the bravery of Naufal, Cato, Leo, Zyan, and Javian, who participated in their very first competition, despite having picked up their blades only a few months ago. Their determination and fearlessness are truly commendable.

Under 12 Girl’s Épée Individual

In an international pool of fencers hailing from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, Miyuko Claritta Wanandi rose to the challenge and fought her way into the finals with the guidance of Coach Samson and Coach Han Sae. Her remarkable performance earned her the silver medal.

We also extend a special mention to Anisha Kumar and Ashley Huang, who, in their first year in the Under 12 age group, displayed exceptional skills and determination. Their journey is a testament to their commitment to improvement and learning.

Under 10 Girl’s Épée Individual

In the Under 10 Girl’s Épée Individual event, our three young warriors made their competition debut, and their efforts were rewarded with medals.

🥉 Bronze - Megan Tjioe Min

5th Place - Chloe Tan

6th Place - Elyshia L

Their determination and performance on the piste were truly impressive. Congratulations to our coaches, fencers, and parents for nurturing these young talents.

Under 10 Boy’s Épée Individual Event

The Under 10 Boy’s Épée Individual event was a true spectacle of youthful vigor and unbridled enthusiasm. The competitors, many of whom were participating in their very first fencing competition, delivered a performance that was nothing short of spectacular.

🥇 Gold - Ryan Xu

🥈 Silver - Rayvin Wan

🥉 Bronze - Jeremy Wu

🥉 Bronze - Shawn Li

6th Place - Donnchadh Fahey

7th Place - Hill Tay

8th Place - Raphael Chia

Ryan Xu's extraordinary fencing skills shone brightly as he clinched the gold medal. His exceptional talent and determination were evident throughout the competition.

Special recognition goes to Jacob Wu and Li Wan Hao, who courageously stepped onto the competition floor for the first time. Their willingness to embrace the challenge and give their best is a testament to their bravery and the supportive environment fostered by their coaches and parents.

The performances from our Little Warriors was a true display of youth in sports, and they have set a high standard for themselves and their peers in the fencing community. As we celebrate their achievements, we are reminded of the bright future that lies ahead for Singapore fencing. With dedication, hard work, and continued support from their coaches and parents, these young talents are poised to achieve even greater heights.


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