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NTU Invitationals 2023

Men’s Épée Individual Event

In the Men’s Épée Individual Event, our very own Timothy Sim stood tall on the podium, capturing the Silver medal. His exceptional performance and determination were evident throughout the competition, making us immensely proud.

🥈 Silver - Timothy Sim

Women’s Épée Individual Event

The Women’s Épée Individual Event was equally thrilling, with our fencers delivering exceptional results. Nathlie seized the Gold medal, showcasing her prowess on the fencing strip. Che, with her remarkable performance, secured the Bronze medal.

🥇 Gold - Nathlie Seetoh

🥉 Bronze - Che Lee

Men’s Épée Team Event

The Men’s Épée Team Event brought further cause for celebration as our talented boys demonstrated remarkable teamwork and determination. The SP team, which included our fencers Damien Tan, Jacob Lim, and Tan Ziyi, clinched the Gold medal. Meanwhile, Timothy Sim and his team secured the Silver medal, solidifying their status as formidable competitors.

🥇 - Damien Tan, Jacob Lim, Tan Ziyi

🥈 - Timothy Sim

Congratulations to all our outstanding fencers for their remarkable teamwork and accomplishments!


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