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Our Little Warriors First International Competition at TFF Minime & Veteran Championships 2023

The TFF Minime & Veteran Championships 2023 held from 30 July to 2nd August in Thailand saw two of our little warriors venture abroad for their first overseas competition. Their fearless spirit and determination were on full display, earning them well-deserved recognition and pride.

Under 10 Boy’s Épée

In the fiercely competitive Under 10 Boy’s Épée category, Rayvin Wan displayed exceptional skill and courage, securing a commendable 5th place.

Under 12 Boy’s Épée

Rayvin Wan continued to showcase his prowess, this time in the Under 12 Boy’s Épée category. His unwavering determination led to a remarkable 7th place finish, a testament to his growing skills and resilience. Special Mention to Naufal Noh Aqasha for finishing in the Top 16.

Under 14 Boy’s Épée

Even in the challenging Under 14 Boy’s Épée category, where competition was fierce, our young Naufal Noh Aqasha displayed immense bravery and determination. His participation in this overseas competition is a significant milestone in his fencing journey.

We applaud both Rayvin Wan and Naufal Noh Aqasha for their courage and resilience in the face of international competition. We also extend our gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support and for providing our young fencers with this invaluable experience and exposure.


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