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Our Under 14 Épée Teams Claim Gold at the 2022 Singapore Minime Fencing Festival

In a thrilling conclusion to the 2022 Singapore Minime Fencing Festival, our young fencing talents have made history by achieving a clean sweep of all Under 14 Épée Gold Medals.

Under 14 Women’s Épée Team Event

🥇 Gold - SGF Team A (Ashley-Mae Harrison, Shiloh Xu, Shen Yuehan, Kyra Seow)

This formidable team delivered an outstanding performance, earning the coveted gold medal. Their unity, skill, and unwavering teamwork spirit were the key to their success.

Under 14 Boy’s Épée Team Event

Fighting Spirit and Conquest!

Our U14 boys came, they fought, and they emerged victorious with an unforgettable performance.

🥇 Gold - PRCS A (Javian Choong, Jonas Lim, Aiden Koo, Reytto Yong)

🥉 Bronze - GDL A (Orion Mok, Huang Kang Zhe, Immanuel Chua)

5th Place - SGF (Emmett Wong, Giulio Stocchino, Goh Ting Ann)

An Inspiring Display of Teamwork and Perseverance!

The performance of our boys was nothing short of remarkable, a testament to their commitment and unity.


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