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Outstanding performance by our Little Warriors at the 2024 Singapore Minimes!

The 2024 Singapore Minimes have witnessed remarkable talent and determination as well as perseverance of our little warriors, where they continued to put on a fierce fight regardless of the intensity of their match.

Under 10 Épée Individual Event:

Under 10 Boy’s Épée Individual Event:

🥉Bronze - Dominic Phey 

🥉Bronze - Dromgoole Finn 

🏅5th Place - Kayson Koh 

🏅6th Place - Raphael Chia 

🏅7th Place - Isaac Lim Shan Zhi 

Under 10 Girl’s Épée Individual Event:

🏅7th Place - Jooha Hong 

Under 12 Boy’s Épée Individual Event:

🥈Silver - Li Siyuan Stefan 

🏅5th Place - Wan Xuan Kai Rayvin 

🏅6th Place - Mohammad Nizam Naufal Noh Aqasha Bin 

Under 12 Girl’s Épée Individual Event:

🏅7th Place - Anisha Kumar

🤺Under 10 Épée Individual Event🤺

🤺Under 12 Épée Individual Event🤺

Let us put our hands together to applaud our little warriors for their outstanding performance and courage which they have demonstrated during their matches. We are extremely proud of each and everyone of our fencers! 😍


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