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Outstanding performances at Men’s Épée Junior World Cup in Hong Kong

Our students showcased their abilities on the world stage at the Men’s Épée Junior World Cup held in Hong Kong. Competing against fencers from around the globe, they demonstrated exceptional talent and secured notable rankings in both individual and team events.

Julien Kenneth Lim - 5th Place

One of our standout performers, Julien Kenneth Lim, delivered an outstanding performance, claiming the 5th position in the individual Men's Épée category. Julien's strategic brilliance and technical finesse were on full display as he navigated through tough competition to secure a spot on the podium.

Jonas Chan - 25th Place

Jonas Chan also exhibited commendable skills, finishing in 25th.

🥉 Bronze for Hong Kong

In the team event, Julien Kenneth Lim joined forces with his teammates, significantly contributing to a remarkable achievement for Hong Kong. Together, they fenced their way to a bronze medal.

The Men’s Épée Junior World Cup provided a challenging platform for our boys to test their mettle against top-notch international competition. Their achievements underscore their hard work and training that have gone into reaching such impressive heights.

Congratulations to Julien Kenneth Lim and Jonas Chan!


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