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Podium Dominance as SGF Clinches Multiple Honors at Navy Open Fencing Championships

Our fencers made waves at the Navy Open Fencing Championships 2023, held in Thailand, concurrently with the National Juniors. Our fencers etched their names in the annals of success, leaving their mark on the competition.

Women's Épée Individual

🥈 Silver - Ashley Mae Harrison 🥉 Bronze - Sherilyn Phua

The weekend's fencing extravaganza saw our athletes competing at the highest level, securing impressive podium finishes. Ashley Mae Harrison's silver and Sherilyn Phua's bronze in the Women's Épée Individual event showcased their individual prowess.

Veteran Categories

🥈 Silver - David Leow (Veteran Men’s Épée)

🥈 Silver - Electra Goh (Veteran Women’s Épée)

In the veteran categories, Electra Goh and David Leow exhibited their fencing finesse, earning well-deserved silver medals in their respective category. Their achievements underscore the timeless nature of skill and passion within the sport.

Women’s Épée Team

🥇 Gold - Ashley Mae Harrison, Electra Goh & Sherilyn Phua

A crowning moment arrived with the Women's Épée Team, consisting of Ashley Mae Harrison, Electra Goh, and Sherilyn Phua. Their coordinated efforts and strategic brilliance illuminated the team spirit as they claimed the Gold Medal.

SG Academy of Fencing's Overall Championship Standing

🥉 3rd Place in the Women's category

Remarkably, SG Academy of Fencing secured the third-place position in the overall championship of the 20th Navy Open Fencing Championships 2023, Women's category. Their outstanding performance garnered them the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy Trophy.

SG Academy of Fencing defied expectations, proving that excellence knows no boundaries. With only three female athletes representing the club, the triumphant results speak volumes about the quality of training and dedication instilled at our club.

Congratulations to all the fencers who showcased their mettle in Thailand, adding another chapter to the success story of SG Academy of Fencing. Their accomplishments echo beyond the confines of the fencing arena, inspiring enthusiasts and affirming the club's commitment to fostering excellence.


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