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Podium Finishes at the 2023 Singapore Senior Trials

Men's Épée Individual Event

Over the weekend, our very own Coach Samson, achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Silver medal in the Men's Épée Individual Event.

🥈Silver - Samson Lee

One of the most remarkable aspects of Coach Samson's journey to Silver is his ability to balance a demanding coaching schedule with his personal training. I hope this achievement can also serve as an additional source of inspiration for our students.

Women's Épée Individual Event

We also witnessed another inspiring moment in the Women's Épée Individual Event when 15-year-old Ashley Mae Harrison, clinched the Bronze Medal.

🥉Bronze - Ashley Mae Harrison

Ashley's achievement showcases that age is no barrier to success, even at a national level. With the right mindset, confidence, and support from our coaches, all our fencers can achieve success.


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