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Rising Stars in the Under 10 & 12 Boy’s Épée Individual Event - 2023 Singapore Minime Festival

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Under 10 Boy's Épée Individual Event

The 2023 Singapore Minime Festival witnessed a remarkable display of young talent in the Under 10 Boy's Épée Individual event. Our Little Warriors, some as young as 8 years old, stepped onto the international stage with courage and determination.

In a truly international field of fencers from Australia, The United Kingdom, China, Ireland, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore, our Little Warriors didn't just participate, they excelled!

🥇Gold - Ryan Xu

🥉Bronze - Jeremy Wu

🥉Bronze - Rayvin Wan

7th Place - Tan Shaw Qy

Ryan Xu emerged as the star of the day, capturing the Gold Medal. Jeremy Wu and Rayvin Wan added to the accolades with their stellar performances, securing not one, but two Bronze Medals. Tan Shaw Qy showcased his tenacity by clinching the 7th position in the competition, impressing those who witnessed his bouts.

Under 12 Boy's Épée Individual Event

In the Under 12 Boy's Épée Individual event, our Little Warriors put on a remarkable display, earning accolades and respect.

7th Place - Lukas Kwan

8th Place - Zac Wong

Two of our young fencers stood tall. Lukas Kwan secured the impressive 7th position.

Zac Wong matched his teammate's efforts, finishing 8th.

The success of these Little Warriors would not have been possible without the support of their coaches, parents, and fellow fencers. Together, they form a strong and vibrant fencing community that nurtures talent and fosters growth.

As they continue to train, learn, and grow, we can't wait to see the heights our Little Warriors will reach. The sky is the limit for these young champions, and their journey is just beginning.


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