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SEA Games 2019

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

The 30th edition of the SEA Games was held in Manila, Philippines from the 3rd-8th of November and both Coach Samson and Coach Cheryl had managed to qualify for the competition to represent Singapore. For Coach Cheryl, she is fencing in both the individual and team event while Coach Samson is fencing in only the team event.

In the Women's Epee Individual event, Coach Cheryl defeated her Thai opponent in the direct in the quarter-finals in a tight-knit match with a score of 15-13. Subsequently, she met her Singaporean teammate Kiria Tikanah in the semi-finals earning a bronze medal with a score of 15-10.

Congratulations Coach Cheryl!

The results continue in the Women's Epee Team event where Coach Cheryl and her team fought hard into the finals beating Thailand in the semi-finals and meeting the home crowd-favorites Philippines in the finals. In the finals, it was a hard-fought match between the two teams with Singapore eventually earning themselves a silver medal.

In the Men's Epee Team event, Coach Samson and his team displayed amazing composure and focus against home ground favorites Philippines in the quarter-finals, guaranteeing themselves a spot on the podium! Coach Samson and his team went on to beat Indonesia in the semi-finals earning themselves a place in the finals against Vietnam. In the finals, Coach Samson and his team got off to a strong start earning themselves a respectable lead against their Vietnam opponents. However, it was Vietnam that was stronger that day and Team Singapore had to settle for a silver medal in the end.

Between Coach Samson and Coach Cheryl, both of them managed to attain 2 silvers and 1 bronze in total! What an amazing result! Thank you, Coach Samson and Coach Cheryl for fighting hard in this competition, doing the nation proud and being an inspiration to our younger fencers!


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