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SGF Finals: SGF Fencers Thrives at the 2023 Cadet Nationals

Men’s Épée Individual Event

In a thrilling turn of events, the Men's Épée Individual fencing competition witnessed an all SGF finals, showcasing the talent and determination of our fencers. Despite the challenging conditions caused by faulty air conditioning, these athletes powered through the heat and humidity to make us proud.

🥇 Gold - Matthew Pang

🥈 Silver - Javian Choong

6th Place - Aiden Koo

7th Place - Jonas Lim

Their ability to excel under pressure and adapt to challenging circumstances exemplified the true essence of their characters. Congratulations to all our athletes for their exceptional performances!

Women’s Épée Individual Event

A moment of pride and celebration as SGF fencers claimed not one, but two spots on the podium in the Women’s Épée Individual Event .

🥈 Silver - Shiloh Xu

🥉 Bronze - Ashley Mae Harrison

The competition was intense, and our athletes had to exhibit not only their technical skills but also their mental strength. They did so with grace and determination, capturing the hearts of all.

Congratulations to both Shiloh Xu and Ashley Mae Harrison for their outstanding achievements and for making Singapore proud by securing their spots on the podium.

These podium finishes were not achieved in isolation. They were the result of tireless training, the guidance of coaches, and the support of families and our community of fencers, who pushed one another on through difficult moments.


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