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SGF Inter-Club Challenge 2019

Towards the end of August, we had our friends from Hong Kong (Primo) as well as Taipei join us for a mini-competition! Our fencers showed great determination and earned themselves medals in the competition!

In the Women’s Épée Open Category (Overall), we have Choong Zi Cheng (SGF) who came in joint-third. What an amazing result given she is only 14 years old!

In the Under 14 Girl's Épée Category, we have Koning Ona (SGF) who won a silver medal while Carol Lee Kai Le (SGF) earned herself a bronze in the same category.

For the Under 13 Girl's Épée Category, Wong Shi Xuan (SGF) and Denise Seah (SGF) both came in joint-third!

In the Men's Épée Category (Overall), we have both Chiang Yee (SGF) and Tan Elson who both finished in joint-third!

In the Under 17 Boy's Épée Category, we have Ryan Tan who came out on top and won the whole event!

Finally, in the Under 14 Boy's Epee Category, we have Choong Julian (SGF), Chan Jonas Ze Xian (SGF) and Ng Zjien Yee Sheng who won silver, bronze, and bronze respectively!

What an amazing performance from all our fencers where they rose up to the occasion and managed to beat stronger, international fencers in their age groups. Let this serve as a motivation to everyone that as long as you put in hard work, the results would follow!


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