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Silver and Bronze for our Cadet Girls in the Singapore Cadet (Under 17) Nationals 2021!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Another amazing day of highs following our boys outstanding performance yesterday!

Representing us we have Ona Koning (Silver), Choong Zi Cheng (Bronze), Denise Seah (5th), Wong Shi Xuan (7th), Ashley Mae Harrison (11th), Lauren Leow (13th), Glynnis Tay (18th), Lee Che Wei (19th) and Ennabelle Tan (20th).

Great work from 13 year old Ashley, winning 3 bouts in her pool to qualify into the Direct Elimination round, and to bye the Table of 32 into the Table of 16!

15 year old Denise did well in pools winning 4 bouts, meeting teammate Lauren in the Table of 16, where she won 15-12. In the Quarter-Finals she met teammate Zi Cheng, finishing in 5th place overall.

15 year old Shi Xuan won her Table of 16 with a nail biting 15-14, before finishing 7th overall.

Ona won all her bouts in the pools convincingly, and did the same for her direct elimination bouts into the finals, clear and confident, she won the Silver for the Women's Epee Individual Event!

With 4 wins in the pools, Zi Cheng progressed into the Table of 16 with a Bye, and won the Bronze Medal for this event!

Results can be found here.


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