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Singapore Cadets Fencing championships 1

The Singapore Cadets Fencing Championships 1 took place from the 10th-11th of June and we have good news to share!

In the Cadet Women's Sabre individual event, Christine Tan started her day off strong managing to win her bouts in a convincing manner. This winning streak continued in the direct elimination table where she continued to climb up all the way into the finals. In the finals, she was calm and cool throughout and managed to overcome Jean Koh (SSP) in the finals to take the first cadet title of the season!

Congratulations Christine! You fenced so well!

In the Cadet Men's Epee Individual event, we have Daryl Ng who climbed his way into the finals by winning his semi-final match by one point before narrowly losing in the final by sudden death as well. In all his matches today, he displayed true excellence and determination and is a great example to all our younger fencers! Congratulations as well to Brandon Goh who fenced well and finished in the Top 8!

What a great start to the cadet season! Keep up the good work everyone!


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