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Striking Gold at the 12th Malaysia Open Fencing Championships 2023

The 12th Malaysia Open Fencing Championships 2023 witnessed a remarkable display of talent from our fencers.

Women’s Épée Individual Event

In the Women’s Épée Individual Event, Ashley Mae Harrison and Sherilyn Phua, showcased their exceptional skills and brought honor to our nation.

🥇 Gold - Ashley Mae Harrison

At just 15 years old, Ashley Mae Harrison left a lasting impression as she clinched the Gold Medal in an open competition.

🥉 Bronze - Sherilyn Phua

Sherilyn Phua made her debut on the international fencing stage and immediately captured attention with her impressive performance, securing the Bronze Medal. Her courage and determination shone brightly as she faced strong competitors.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Timothy and Ziyi for their support throughout the competition.

Their incredible achievements remind us that with hard work, and determination, all our athletes can excel on the international stage.


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