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Triumph at the 2023 Asia Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships: Cadet Men's Épée Individual Event


The 2023 Asia Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships witnessed an extraordinary display of talent, determination, and skill. Among the highlights of this prestigious event was the Cadet Men's Épée Individual competition.

Cadet Men’s Épée Individual Event

In a fierce competition that featured a formidable field of 68 fencers from across Asia, our young talents showed their mettle and determination. Cevin and Julien, both representing Singapore and Hong Kong respectively, emerged from their respective pools with an impressive record of 5 victories and 1 loss each.

🏅 6th Place - Julien Kenneth Lim (HK)

🏅 9th Place - Cevin Sun Qi (SG)

The 2023 Asia Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships provided a stage for our young fencers to shine, and they did not disappoint. Their exceptional performance in such a challenging environment is a source of pride for our fencing community and a promising sign of things to come.


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