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 Elson Tan, 


Ever since the day I stepped into SGF, the coaches have always been very caring towards me. They put in lots of effort to push me out of my comfort zone so that I can improve in my fencing. To this day, I have never regretted my choice of joining SGF. Although training may be tiring at times, it really helps to train up my fitness for future competitions. During times when I made mistakes in my training, the coaches will highlight to me so that I can improve on it. I have also forged friendships in SGF!

The coaches have always been very professional, approachable and helpful. They push us hard and guide us so that we can improve ourselves and I look up to them as my role model in my fencing journey. My experience in SGF has been great and I am proud to be part of the SGF team.


 Vittorio Poli, 


When I first joined I did not know what to expect but the coaches guided me through and helped me with all my problems. I like that the coaches are funny and friendly and that they make sure everyone understands the sport and sportsmanship.

Fencing has thought me sportsmanship, discipline and helped me focus in many things including my studies!


 Michael Harrison, 

 Father of Ashley Mae Harrison 

Fantastic! Joining SGF was best decision we ever made as far as Ashley-mae's sports development is concerned. The training in SGF is programmatic, structured, and disciplined. Focused on engagement and accountable for results.

SGF has TeamSG's top male and female fencers as the lead coaches - both of whom are world-class athletes in their own domains. Yet it is their ability as coaches that sets them and SGF apart from the other schools. 
SGF coaches are deeply engaged, hands-on, patient, considered in their advice, and pragmatic in their approach. We have witnessed our daughter develop at a pace that we would never had imagined, and develop in all aspects of the sport, including both the mental and physical elements. One of the most impressive characteristics of SGF's program is the way that the coaches engage us as parents in all aspects of our daughter's journey in the sport. 
My wife and I would highly recommend SGF to any parent that is looking to get their child into the amazing sport of fencing!



 Chiang Yee, 


It's been a very positive experience ever since joining SGF. Best training ground for both physical, mental and fencing skills in Singapore.

Coach Samson and Coach Cheryl have been awesome. Thank God for both of them to see me through my sporting and mental needs as I transit from my previous school. They understand an athlete's mind and body condition, they know when to push me when to nurture. They are great role models to follow. 

Through fencing, I've learned resilience and respect!


 Mother of Yodha Aryasatya 

My son really loves the class. SGF provides a child friendly environment and the kids are polite and caring to each other. 

Coach Cheryl is really good with small children. She can be firm, disciplined and have fun at the same time. My son likes her so much. After  picking up Fencing I found my son more focused and a little bit more calm than usual. 


 Jonas Lim Yet Thye, 


After joining SGF, I feel I am growing tougher & stronger. My mind is sharper.  I know my body better. My body coordination is better. My agility is getting better and my strength is getting better. The training environment is Fun. Always looking forward to new challenges. Can challenge & fence with the older fencers which is a great way to learn.  We can also attend training camps overseas and there is enough space for every member to train.

The Coaches are approachable. They are always there to answer my questions and they will explain until we understand. They not only coach, guide but they discipline us in terms of our behavior and attitudes.  At times, when one student is mischievous, everyone will have to share the punishment as it builds teamwork (though at times we felt so unfair); after all we learnt great lessons and are mindful of our actions as well as others. We start to remind our peers of past experiences.  

I've learn about teamwork from fencing. I look forward to forming teams at competitions next time.  Also, No pain no gain. In order to be the best, we have to put in not only time but efforts.  My parents have to put in lots of money for my training.  Also taking parts in competitions make me know more people, make more friends, learn people culture and learning more skills.  What I learn from Fencing may not only be used in Fencing, I can apply them in my school, during my PE lessons, my JSA program and in my later years.  We must be willing to listen to instructions.  We must be willing to accept criticism.  We must be willing to acknowledge loses and winning is not everything in life.  If I lose this time, I must reflect why I lost and how can I do better next time.  Even if I win the next time, I must continue to built excellence in the future. 

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