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Fencing focuses on Honour and Respect, widely known as a gentleman's sport. Fencing instills positive values like:









Fencing stimulates you not only physically, but also mentally & emotionally. The benefits are endless, but here are a few top of the charts:


Confidence Booster, Stress Reduction, Controlling of Emotions

Fencers can relieve their stress in a controlled environment. During training at SG Academy of Fencing, the concentration & focus required will keep your mind off anything else. Not forgetting the positive endorphins your body produces from doing sports that will leave you feeling ready to take on whatever comes your way!

Fencing trains you to be quick on your feet literally and figuratively, there is no time to second guess yourself. This builds confidence and assertiveness in a fencer. Fencing also teaches you to control your emotions under different circumstances as you need to be calm and clear headed during the fencing bout



Focused, Analytical, Decisive & Mental Agility

Frequently referred to as physical chess, Fencing enhances your analytical abilities as you would strategize and plan your tactics during your bouts and carry them out, often in split seconds due to the fast nature of the sport. To ensure a successful hit, fencers learn to be decisive and fully focused.



Strength & Endurance, Balance & Flexibility, Co-ordination, Agility, Speed & Cardiovascular Fitness

Fencing requires you to constantly be moving during the match in aim to score a point, as such it builds stamina and strength. Over time, the fencer's muscular endurance will be improved. 

The action of advancing, retreating, attacking or defending in fencing requires the whole body to work together harmoniously to carry out the action, the wide range of motion required simultaneously trains your co-ordination, balance, flexibility and agility.


Contrary to popular belief, Fencing is actually one of the worlds safest sports

A recent study of injuries occurred in the Olympics ranked fencing as having one of the lowest injury rates, making it one of the safest Olympic sports. Fencing is ranked above swimming, cycling and even table tennis! Here at SG Academy of Fencing, safety is our priority!

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