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Asian Varsity Fencing Championships 2023

The Asian Varsity Fencing Championships (AVFC), organized annually by the Singapore Management University (SMU) Fencing Club, brings together tertiary institutions and universities from across Asia to compete with one another.

Women’s Épée Individual Event

In the Women’s Épée Individual event, our fencers displayed extraordinary skill and composure, securing podium finishes.

🥇 Gold - Choong Zi Cheng

🥉 Bronze - Nathlie Seetoh

Men’s Épée Individual Event

In the Men’s Épée Individual event, our fencer, Ryan Tan also secured another medal.

🥉 Bronze - Ryan Tan

Women’s Épée Team

🥇 Gold - Choong Zi Cheng & Nathlie Seetoh

Choong Zi Cheng and Nathlie Seetoh's formidable partnership led the team to gold

🥈 Silver - Sherilyn Phua

Sherilyn Phua's contribution to the team's success cannot be overstated, securing a well-deserved silver medal.

🥉 Bronze - Wong Shixuan

Wong Shixuan's stellar performance added bronze medal to our collection as well.

Men’s Épée Team

🥈 Silver - Ryan Tan

Ryan Tan shone brightly as he led the RP Men’s Épée Team to a silver medal.

Women’s Sabre Team

🥇 Gold - Sherilyn Phua - Sherilyn Phua's remarkable fencing skills and leadership were pivotal in the team's gold medal victory.

Our fencers, who proudly represented our club, have not only made us immensely proud but have also become inspirations for aspiring fencers across the region.

Congratulations to Choong Zi Cheng, Nathlie Seetoh, Ryan Tan, Sherilyn Phua, and Wong Shixuan for their extraordinary achievements!


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