For our youngest fencers age 4 to 6 years.


A fun and interactive class for our youngest fencers who are in the stages of developing their gross & fine motor skills.


Mini Warriors classes focus on exercises to improve and train their focus, motor skills, strength, and spatial awareness while incorporating the fundamentals of Fencing. 


Our young fencers will be taught the basic foundation of Fencing (Engarde, footwork, lunges, and parries) and are introduced to the basic rules & etiquette of this beautiful sport! They will rotate between the use of the plastic kid's fencing set and the actual fencing equipment.

We believe in keeping our class sizes small so our young fencers are able to learn and develop optimally. 


Equipment will be provided by us for this level.

Class Duration:

1.5 hour

Class Frequency:

Once a week.


For our budding fencers age 7 to 12 years.


Our Little Warriors classes focus on the essential fundamentals of Fencing; emphasizing their technical foundation, basic tactical understanding, and a good physical base; all while in a fun and inclusive environment!


Dynamic and plyometric physical circuits are regular in our classes, where the exercises are steered towards improving their Focus, Strength, Coordination, Agility & Spatial Awareness; all important qualities of an outstanding fencer. 


We have programs to cater to both our Competitive and Leisure Little Warriors. 


Our Competitive Little Warriors will undergo a higher training intensity coupled with a targeted training program to prepare them for their Age Group Competitions (U8, U10, U12) locally and overseas. They are gradually introduced to more complex technical skills and tactical situations once they have established a solid foundational base to prepare them for their progress into the next age group categories as they grow.

Through classes, lifelong values such as Independence, Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, and Empathy are emphasized to our Little Warriors.


Equipment will be provided by us for the leisure level.

Competitive Little Warriors are to  have their own set of equipment.

Class Duration:

1.5 hour

Class Frequency:

Options of:


1) Once a week

2) Twice a week

3) Thrice a week


13 years and above.


A high performance-class for our SGF Fencers competing at the Under 14, National Cadet, Junior, Senior, and International Cadet, Junior, Senior Level. Training programs are individualized and tailored according to our fencer's personal goals and targets.


In our competitive class, our fencers regularly undergo high intensity dynamic and plyometric physical conditioning that targets to optimize their speed, endurance, strength, reaction time, balance, flexibility, and coordination; traits that make one a better fencer.


Whilst building and maintaining a strong foundational base, our fencers are progressively taught advanced and complex technical skills. Tactical simulations exercises are a constant in our classes; we believe in exposing our fencers to different situations so they can adapt and react in competitions. 

​Sport Science (Such as Psychology, Video Analysis, Recovery Techniques) are regularly incorporated to maximize the development of our fencers.

There are many opportunities for our SGF Fencers to take part in training camps and inter-club competitions with countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, China. Our fencers are exposed to different fencing levels, fencing styles and intensity of fencing.

As a result of the high intensity and structure of our classes, many of our fencers have grown into responsible, disciplined, independent and strong-willed individuals. 


Fencers are to have their own set of equipment.

Class Duration:

2.5 hour

Class Frequency:

Options of:


1) Twice a week

2) Thrice a week

3) Four times a week

4) Five times a week



Private 1 to 1 lesson is highly recommended for our competitive fencers who are looking to perform and medal at competitions. Private lessons are intensive and focused, where it is effective in improving our fencers' skill set and refining their technique down to the specific details of simple and compound movements. 


​Private lessons are tailored according to our fencer's ability; together with our Coaches, fencers will develop their own unique individual fencing style based on what works well for them and their advantages. Private lessons make a significant difference in the speed of progress of fencer and it sees fencers developing much faster.


30 Minutes

Per Session:



11 Sessions for $700

45 Minutes

Per Session:


Package :

11 Sessions for $1050

60 Minutes

Per Session:


Package :

11 Sessions for $1400


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