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Bronze for Coach Cheryl in the Singapore Senior (Open) Challenge 2022!

Representing SGF we have Coach Cheryl (Bronze), Choong Zi Cheng (9th), Ona Koning (12th), Denise Seah (14th), Sherilyn Phua (22nd), Ennabelle Tan (27th) and Ellen Yang (28th).

In the pools stage, Zi Cheng won 5 out of 6 of her bouts. Coach Cheryl, Ona and Denise won 3 bouts, and Sherilyn won 2 bouts. Denise upseeded rank 16 in the Table of 32: 15-8, where she finished 14th overall. Teammates Ona and Sherilyn met in the Table of 32, with Ona progressing into the Table of 16. After a nail biting 8-9 bout, Ona finished 12th overall.

Coach Cheryl won her Table of 32: 15-11, progressing into the Table of 16 where she met Zi Cheng. An intense 14-13 Quarter Finals win saw Coach Cheryl progressing into the Top 4, where she won the Bronze Medal in the Women's Epee Individual Event.

Results can be found here.


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