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Bronze for Coach Samson in the Singapore Senior (Open) Challenge 2022!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Representing SGF we have Coach Samson (Bronze), Timothy Sim (14th), Jonas Chan Ze Xian (16th), Matthew Pang (17th), Elson Tan (18th), Jonas Lim Yet Thye (30th), Ignatius Tan (35th), Tyler Chan (38th) and Emmett Wong (39th).

In the pools stage, Coach Samson won all his bouts convincingly, to be ranked 1st after pools. 15 year old Matthew displayed great fencing in the pools, winning 5 out of 6 of his bouts. Elson won 4 bouts in his pools, Ze Xian, Yet Thye and Timothy won 3 bouts, Ignatius, Emmett and Tyler won 2 bouts.

Timothy earned a bye through into the Table of 32, where he upseeded rank 13., 15-12, before finishing 14th overall with a nail biting intense bout 14-15. Teammates Ignatius and Yet Thye met in the Table of 64, where Yet Thye progressed into 32 with a score of 15-14, before finishing 30th.

Elson earned a by into the Table of 32, where he finished 18th with a score of 8-15. Teammates Ze Xian and Matthew met in the Table of 32, progressing into the next round was Ze Xian with a 14-8 win. Ze Xian finished 16th after a close fight in the Table of 16: 13-14.

Coach Samson progressed earned his spot in the Top 4 with a dominating Quarter-Finals bout fo 15-6, where he won the Bronze Medal in the Men's Epee Individual Event!

Results can be found here.


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