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Coach Cheryl at the Senior (Open) Barcelona World Cup 2022!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Photo Credit: Federació Catalana D'Esgrima

Coach Cheryl travelled to Barcelona, Spain to participate in the Senior Women's Epee World Cup. Representing Singapore was Abdul Rahman Kiria Tikanah, Siva Kumar Thhivya Ashti, Victoria Ann Lim Xiu Yan, Koh Elle Meihui and Coach Cheryl.

There were 275 fencers present, and 37 pools. It was Coach Cheryl's first return to an International Competition after taking a hiatus from competitive fencing since 2019.

In the pools stage, Coach Cheryl won 3 out of 6 of her bouts. Winning Torrente Lucia from Spain 4-3, Buki Lili from Hungary 5-4 and Gyurko Anna from Austria 5-1. She lost to Feygin Nicole from Israel 3-5, Kharkova Vlada from Ukraine 0-5 and Erturk Aleyna from Turkey 4-5.

Kiria won 3 out of 6 of her bouts. Winning Burkhard Isabelle from Switzerland 5-1, De Jong Cheryl from Nederland 5-3 and Engdahl Sophie from Sweden 5-4. She lost to Borsody Emma from Hungary 3-5, Raposo Dana from Spain 4-5 and Washington Isis from USA 2-5.

Elle won 1 out of 6 her bouts in her pools. Winning Nagai Anna from Japan 4-3. She lost to Von Kerssenbrock Diane from France 4-5, Aldana Naiara from Spain 4-5, Swatowska-Wenglarczyk Martyna from Poland 2-5, Gunac Gokce from Turkey 3-5 and Verret Alexanne from Canada 1-5.

Thhivya won 1 out of 5 of her bouts in her pools. Winning Marco Nuria from Spain 5-4. She lost to Husisian Hadley from USA 2-5, Foietta Nicol from Italy 1-5, Sliusareva Sofiia from Ukraine 4-5 and Lever Rachael from Great Britain 4-5.

Victoria unfortunately did not have any victories in her pool. 2-5 to Brokvko Inna from Ukraine, 0-2 to Lin Yik Hei Coco from Hong Kong, 1-5 to Yu Danwoo from Korea, 2-5 to De Wijn Day from Nederland, 2-4 to Piveteau Anne-Clemence from Switzerland and 3-4 to Vandingenen Aube from Belgium.

Both Kira and Coach Cheryl qualified into the Direct Elimination Round.

In the round of 256, Coach Cheryl fought a nail biting bout, before bowing out 14-15 to Mavrikiou Irina from Cyprus.

Kiria won her Table of 256 against Gunac Gokce from Turkey 15-14, progressing into 128, winning Toth Jazmin 15-6, before bowing out 9-15 to Buki Lili from Hungary.


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