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Miyuko Shines, and Our Under 12 Boys Show Grit at the 2022 Singapore Minime Fencing Festival

Under 12 Girl’s Épée Individual Event

🥉 Bronze - Miyuko Claritta Wanandi

A round of applause for Miyuko Claritta Wanandi for her remarkable performance at the 2022 Singapore Minime Fencing Festival. For her very first competition, she demonstrated true dedication and spirit. Miyuko, your debut in the competition arena is a promising start to your fencing journey, and we are excited to see your future accomplishments.

Special Mention to Our Under 12 Boys

We want to give a special mention to our Under 12 boys who participated in this competition. For many of them, it was their inaugural competition experience, and we commend them for their resilience in handling setbacks.

We are proud of how our boys have faced challenges head-on, and we are confident that they will return to training with even greater determination and strength. Together, we will train harder, learn from our experiences, and come back even stronger.

Congratulations to Miyuko and our young boys for their efforts at the 2022 Singapore Minime Fencing Festival!

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