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NUS Fencing Challenge 2022

From December 16th to 18th, the NUS Fencing Challenge 2022 brought together fencers from across Singapore. The event witnessed SGF fencers leaving a mark with their remarkable performances. Let's take a closer look at the highlights of this thrilling weekend of fencing.

Men’s Épée Individual Event

The competition kicked off on December 16th with the Men’s Épée Individual Event, where SGF fencers displayed their mettle on the fencing piste.

🥉 Bronze - Timothy Sim

🏅 6th Place - Matthew Pang

🏅 8th Place - Jonas Lim

Congratulations to all SGF fencers for putting up a great fight and representing our club with pride.

Women’s Épée Individual Event

The excitement continued on December 17th with the Women’s Épée Individual event, where our fencers achieved exceptional results.

🥇 Gold - Nathlie See Toh

🥈 Silver - Choong Zi Cheng

5th Place - Samantha Beatrice Sayson

6th Place - Wang Yifei

8th Place - Wong Shi Xuan

The day was marked by great fencing from our girls, with 5 of them making it to the Top 8 and 2 finishing as the top two. Their performances underscored their commitment and talent, making us proud.

Men’s Épée Team Event

The NUS Fencing Challenge 2022 wasn't just about individual excellence. It was also an opportunity for SGF fencers to showcase their teamwork in the Men’s Épée Team Event. The day was nothing short of exhilarating, with energy running high until the very last bout. Our SGF fencers embodied the true meaning of Teamwork & Team Spirit. Regardless of the results, each and every member of the teams fought with determination, gaining valuable experience in the process.

🥇 Gold - SGF A (Elson Tan, Jonas Chan, Julien Lim & Timothy Sim

🏅 5th Place - SGF D (Emmett Wong, Javian Choong & Matthew Pang)

🏅 8th Place - SGF C (Andrew Low, Jonas Lim & Orion Mok)

🏅 15th Place - SGF B (Olivier MD Lo, Paniflov Lev & Edgar Rusev)

SGF A emerged as the gold medalists, showcasing impeccable teamwork and fencing prowess. Their victory was not just a triumph of skill, but a testament to the unity and synergy they shared on the piste.

Women’s Épée Team Event

The momentum from the previous day continued to surge in the Women’s Épée Team Event, with our girls delivering another day of thrilling matches.

🥇 Gold - SGF A (Samantha Beatrice Sayson, Denise Seah, Sylvia Lee & Wong Shi Xuan)

🥈 Silver - SP (Choong Zi Cheng, Nathlie See Toh)

🏅 6th Place - SGF B (Caitlyn Tan, Glynnis Tay & Wang Yifei)

SGF A emerged as the gold medalists once again. Their gold medal triumph was a celebration of their collective strength, fencing prowess, and their indomitable spirit as a team.

Congratulations to all the teams for their fantastic performance. Each team member played a crucial role in representing SGF with honor and unity. Their dedication, perseverance, and camaraderie on and off the fencing piste continue to exemplify the spirit of our fencing club.


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