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Novices Fencing Championships 2018

The Novices Fencing Championships is an annual local competition that allows our newer fencers to pit themselves against fencers of similar experience and put what they learnt into practice. For some of them, it is actually their first time competing!

In the Men's Epee Individual event, Elton Teo (Representing NPF) claimed the gold medal for himself when he won the event's finals! It was a very long day for Elton as the competition had 104 participants but Elton persevered, and this were the fruits of his labour! Congratulations Elton!

Our Pasir Ris Crest Secondary fencers have done well!

In the Women's Epee Individual event, Trisha Lota Betita showed determination and fenced her way into the finals out of 67 fencers to claim the silver medal for herself!

In the Women's Epee Team event, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary Team members consisting of Trisha Lota Betita, Sarah Voon, Clarice Seng and Andrea Foo fought their way into the semi-finals where they took home the bronze medal for their school!

The medal haul continued from our Greendale fencers in the Women's Sabre Individual event. Jermaine Tan Ruo Ting fought with utmost spirit and persistence, making her way into the finals where she clinched the silver medal for herself!

In the Women's Sabre Team event, team members consisting of Jermaine Tan, Angelina Chiau, Gizane Ong and Ow Wee Yuh displayed tremendous team and fighting spirit. Beating every other team in the event to obtain the top spot and the gold medal!

Congratulations to all our fencers that had competed! Regardless of the result, we are all so proud of you!


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