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Singapore Junior Fencing Championships 2

The Singapore Junior Fencing Championships is the second junior local competition of the season that contributes to the overall ranking of our fencers and they have delivered!

In the Men's Sabre Individual event, we have a one-two finish on the podium where from the start of the competition all the way to the finals, Ron Loh and Fong Zheng Jie dominated the entire competition winning every single match from the poules all the way into the finals where they met each other. In the finals, it was a hard-fought match with Ron taking the match with a score of 15-13 over Zheng Jie guaranteeing gold and silver in the event.

In the Men's Epee Individual event, Neville Lim had a shaky start to the competition but slowly found his momentum where he overcame a higher seed in the direct elimination table of 16 and fenced well all the way into the finals. What was so amazing about that event was that in the semi-finals, Neville was down 14-10 but was able to overcome the score deficit to secure his place in the finals. In the finals, he comfortably secured his title with a safe lead of 12-3!

Congratulations to all our fencers that had taken part!


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